General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Habitat Parasitic
Body Type Amorphous
Locomotion Flight
Sapience Level Sapient
Racial Abilities Control over ants
Behind the Scenes
Universe Maneater

This is an unknown, unnamed alien life form which can seemingly move through space and planetary atmospheres at will. It appears to be amorphous in shape and made out of a luminescent blue fluid which can also enter the bodies of living creatures (ants in particular) and take control over them.


In 2008 this alien entered the Earth's atmosphere and landed on an island in Southeastern Asia, where it proceeded to assimilate local ant colonies and take control of them, commanding them to attack Humans en masse.

The alien used different ant species to create organic computer networks, which could transmit and communicate signals. The resulting swarms of ants became capable of behaving in an almost supernatural fashion, creating structures of any form, such as tentacles, and even a giant ant made of an amalgamation of regular ones.

Ultimately, the intentions of the alien remained unknown. It took a young girl hostage and tried to establish communication with Humans, apparently hoping for a diplomatic solution in which the island would be divided into an area reserved for the Humans, and another one for the ants. When targeted with an explosive, the alien left the ants' bodies behind and flied away, leaving the planet as abruptly as it had entered it.


  • The Hive (2008)


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