Tanna and Eros as seen in Plan 9 from Outer Space

The Aliens of the 1959 Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer Space are from an unknown planet (that receives light from Earth's sun which could place it in the Sol system though it's likely that their planet sees our sun as a star) have come to Earth in hopes of preventing the creation of a doomsday weapon that could destroy the Universe. They have no intention of conquering or invading Earth only stopping mankind from creating more powerful explosives no matter what they must do to stop them. The Aliens while having the full capacity to destroy the planet are exercising alternatives to doing so with Plan 9 being the final effort. This plan was foiled, and the last ship assigned to Earth destroyed. Leaving only the, as Eros would say, regrettable option of destroying the Earth to save the Universe.

The film opens with a man implying that the events of the film are based on rumors of real events and goes on to imply a mass government conspiracy to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial life. Such themes where not popular during the film's era of release and served as an example of the kind of renegade filmography Ed Wood is known for.

History with Earth[edit | edit source]

Over the course of the film it's revealed that the Aliens sent various messages to Earth seeking to explain their purpose. The United States even managed to translate their language and make contact with the Aliens, but refused to deliver their message to the public. What followed was one incident where an Alien representative was shot down, and another where the Aliens retaliated by destroying a small town believing that such would force the US to acknowledge the existence of the Aliens and tell the people the message they have to give.

The last message to be sent is as follows;

This is Eros, a space soldier from a planet of your galaxy.  I fully realize our

language differences, however I also know you finally have perfected the 

dictorobitary, or as you on Earth put it, the language computer.  So you can now 

understand that which I speak. Since the beginning of your time, we have been 

far beyond your planet. It has taken you centuries to even grasp what we 

developed eons of your years ago. Do you still believe it impossible we exist? 

You didn't actually think you were the only inhabited planet in the universe? 

How can any race be so stupid? Permit me to set your mind at ease.  We do not 

want to conquer your planet. Only save it. We could have destroyed it long ago, 

if that had been our aim. Our principal purpose is friendly. I admit, we have 

had to take certain means which you might refer to as criminal, but that is 

because of your big guns which have destroyed some of our representatives.  If 

you persist in denying us our landings,  then we must only accept that you do 

not want us on friendly terms. We then have no alternative but to destroy you 

before you destroy us.  With your ancient, juvenile minds, you have developed 

explosives too fast for your minds to conceive what you were doing.  You are on 

the verge of destroying the entire universe. We are part of that universe. This 

is our last -

With attempts at being recognized going ignored the Aliens execute Plan 9, which involves the animation of the dead for the purpose of holding world leaders captive so they will be forced to listen. This plan however is foiled by an ex-marine, a detective, and the Chief of Saucer Affairs of the United States of America. During this final encounter before the Americans take action that destroys the last ship assigned to Earth the Alien, Eros explains what this grand danger is.

Solaronite Explosives- the ability to explode particles of light. The reaction, the Aliens believe, will go on unending, destroying not only Earth's sun by all planets that Earth's sunlight reaches- an event they believe will destroy the universe. Much as it was believed that the Hydrogen bomb would continue exploding so long as Hydrogen was present, and it was in fact Earth's detonation of a Hydrogen bomb that set the Aliens upon their mission.

Government[edit | edit source]

The Aliens are governed by a Ruler though not much else is said of his authority though it appears to be absolute.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Aliens have a culture that while permitting Woman to serve in the armed forces still sees them as little more then a means of reproduction. This being said the Aliens do speak of having a belief in peace, and a nationalistic pride. The aliens justify their actions as natural for one nation to destroy another if that nation threatens to destroy them. They even have faith in a god- something that surprised the Chief of Saucer Affairs of the United States of America. To which Eros called the chief and other Earthmen arrogant for believing that they where the only ones to have conviction in a god much as Earthmen seem reluctant to acknowledge that people live beyond their planet.

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