This is a sapient species of semi-humanoid creatures which reproduce by endoparasitism, implanting embryos which grow within the Human body. They have tridactyl hands with very long claws, and are able to share telepathic links with those which are made hosts of their embryos. They also have the ability to absorb memories and skills from those they kill; apparently by consuming their brains (the victims are found headless). Members of this species also seem to project a magnetic field from their bodies which interfere with technology.


The alien claims that its species once inhabited a planet similar to Earth, but it has been destroyed by warfare and devastating misuse of technology. The surviving members have been observing Earth from orbit but were somehow unable to land on the planet (presumably their station or craft isn't capable of atmospheric descend). When John Corcoran performed the first manned space flight, in 1958, his shuttle was invaded by a member of this species, who impregnated the astronaut with alien embryos. The vessel crashed on Earth shortly afterwards and John was found in a comatose-like state, as his seemingly dead body still showed signs of life. It had no pulse, but still exhibited normal blood pressure, which should have been impossible under normal circumstances. A blood exam later revealed strange alien cells developing inside him.

John woke up later on, with no memories of what happened, and was surprised to learn that a creature had apparently hijacked his ship and was now loose on the area. The alien used its telepathic link to convince John that it was harmless, but John's colleagues remained suspicious after seeing that the alien had killed and decapitated the physician Dr. Wyman (having done so in order to acquire the ability to communicate with Humans). When they agree to meet the alien, it reveals its plans of using humanity as hosts for a next generation of his species, which would absorb the minds of their hosts to become essentially hybrids: human and alien merged in a single body.

John and the others realize this would represent the end of mankind and refuse to collaborate, killing the alien with fire. Before dying, the creature threatens them, claiming that others of its race are waiting out there, and more will come to Earth along the next space missions.


  • Night of the Blood Beast (1958)


  • In a particularly strange line of dialogue, the alien refers to the process of assimilating Dr. Wyman's conscience as a form of photosynthesis. What that was intended to mean is not clear.
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