General Information
Homeworld Unknown (spores found within the tail of a comet)
Body Type Insectoid
Locomotion Host-based (larva)
Flight (imago)
Diet Parasitic (larva)
Unknown (imago)
Sapience Level Unknown
Reproduction Spores are incubated inside host and develop as an endoparasitoid.
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lost Tapes

This is an endoparasitoidic wasp-like alien creature which seemingly starts life as microscopic spores which, when inhaled by a host, give rise to a rapidly-developing parasitic larva.

In 2008, the astronaut Miranda Bach was infected by this creature during a space mission. While fixing a satellite in space, she passed through a cloud of comet dust which, as later examination revealed, contained a kind of previously unknown microscopic spores, some of which found their way into the shuttle.

After returning to Earth, Bach started to experience symptoms of extreme pain and erratic spasms of aggressive behavior. She was hospitalized, and within a few hours, the adult wasp-like creature emerged, ripping her body open and killing her. It also managed to kill a doctor Dr. Morris and a security guard Alzedo before escaping from the hospital to parts unknown. The case has been since classified by the USA government.


  • Lost Tapes, s02e08, "Alien" (2009)


  • Nothing is known about the natural history of this species or how its spores ended up inside a comet in first place, although there are numerous possibilities.
  • The sounds used for it are reused from the Velociraptors in the 1993 Universal film Jurassic Park.
  • The life cycle of the alien seems to take some inspiration from the 1979 Ridley Scott film Alien, where a human is used to host a creature called a Xenomorph.
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