The unnamed beings which landed a flying saucer near the American city of Hicksburg in the 1950s are a species of small (approximately four feet tall) green humanoids with disproportionally large heads and bulging eyes. They also have extra eyes on the backs of their hands, and their fingers are armed with retractable needle-like hollow claws which are used to inject victims with a concentrated dose of pure alcohol, enough to kill humans and cattle.

The aliens are extremely light sensitive, causing them to squeal in agony when confronted with the flash light of a photographic camera for example. Exposure to extreme brightness can cause them to literally explode. Their body parts (at least the hands) are known to remain alive for extended periods after being thorn out, and not only continue to move but apparently even make rational decisions such as ambushing and attacking. This implies that either their nervous system is not fully cephalized, or they are somehow able to keep control of severed body parts by psychic means, even over long distances.


  • This species appears unnamed in the 1957 satirical film Invasion of the Saucer Men, and are referred throughout as "monsters" or "little green men". The film was based on a 1955 short story called "The Cosmic Frame", by Paul W. Fairman.
  • The movie poster notably depicts the creatures as many times larger than they appear in the film. It also shows three saucers attacking a metropolis area, when in fact only one ship lands in a rural area at night and a small number of aliens surface. It's not even clear if their intentions were indeed hostile or only became so after one of them was accidentally run over by a car.
  • Although the aliens in each film are radically different, the plot from Saucer Men was later remade in the infamous 1965 film Attack of the The Eye Creatures. Yes, it has two "the"s.
  • The alien reporter Morbo from Futurama belongs to a similar species. His design was reportedly inspired by this film.
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