Alein (Hybrids)
General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Body Type Humanoid
Height est. 4 - 5 feet
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Language Alien Language
Behind the Scenes
Universe Hybrids
Created by Patrick Kalyn

These Aliens are an extraterrestrial, hostile race that appears as the main antagonist in the short film Hybrids.


The Aliens are fairly gangly, and thin in appearance, with an anatomy mirroring that of common Greys. Their feet have three toes, the middle toe drastically larger than the other two, with long thin hands with three fingers. Their heads are large with notable bumps along the base to the back of the head. They also have small tentacles protruding from their upper back. These aliens seemingly have blue blood.


The Aliens mission (as far as the short film goes) is to find the location of "The Key", which they believe lies within young Humans, and that the key fades away with age. They apparently are very ambitious in finding said key, killing hundreds of Humans in order to try and locate it.

They speak their own form of language, though to Humans sounds much like roars, snarls and growls.


The exact extent of their technology is a bit questionable: they're advanced enough to have spacecrafts, but don't seemingly possess any form of firearms. They instead use three-clawed artificial blades when put in the form of combat.

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