General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Their own "alien language", heard as low grunts.
Reproduction They hatch from Alien Eggs.
Behind the Scenes
Universe Grand Theft Auto Universe

The Aliens, or known as Extraterrestrials, are a species of lifeform found within the Grand Theft Auto universe. They've been mentioned in both Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but don't physically appear until Grand Theft Auto V.


These Aliens had reptilian-like skin and green coloration to their human-like, slender bodies. They have large heads that are elongated and crested. Their mouths are curled back, exposing their jagged teeth. Their bodies mirror that of a Vortigaunt while their heads resemble that of a Xenomorph.

There isn't an exact difference between a male and female Alien, both sharing the exact same body anatomy.


The Aliens in GTA had been commonly depicted by Humans as these dangerous, scary, and murderous creatures, a number of pedestrians talking about how they can control minds of people they abduct. However, it is unclear if this is truly the case or not, for the times they do appear they're typically passive or don't harm the player directly. The aliens even had been shown to cower in fear when faced with a Human with a firearm, indicating that they're just as scared of humans as they are of them.

Technology Edit

The Aliens presented in the GTA series are technologically advanced compared to Humans, often flying around in UFO spacecrafts that can abduct creatures from the surface. They are also shown to teleport, though it's unclear if this is a physical ability or the result of their advanced technology.


  • In Sandy Shores, near the train tunnel and across from the airstrip, there is an area 'dedicated' to aliens. It is a mound which has been decorated/painted with alien faces and shapes with numerous phrases such as 'Save Us' and 'Beam Me Up'. There is also a rusted, unusable Regina with a model UFO on its roof. There are generally a few Campers or Surfers parked nearby too, suggesting this is more of a 'hippy camp' type area, rather than a community thing.
  • According to the cult within GTA5 known as the Epsilon Program, Aliens had always existed and are currently present on Earth.
Frozen Alien-Prologue-GTAV

The frozen alien in North Yankton.

  • In the prologue mission of GTAV, a deceased frozen alien is found within the town of North Yankton, specifically underneath the town's bridge nearby the railroad tracks. It's notable that this alien looks different from the other depictions of aliens, having gray skin instead of green, though this could be the result of being frozen in ice.
  • The aliens appear a number of times during GTAV missions, though these are mostly the result of hallucinations caused by drugs or pot.
  • Within the fields of Area 69 of San Andreas, the intercom within the base can be heard saying: "All personnel working on alien bodies evacuate immediately".

Some of the Aliens teleporting from the player.

  • As of the Gunrunning Update for GTA: Online, there's a special resupply mission a player can receive that involves you going to an alien crash site to gather an Alien Egg. Upon getting the Alien egg, several Aliens teleport around you, but quickly disappear shortly afterwards. This is the only live appearance of the aliens that isn't influenced by drugs.
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