Alien Species


These are small blue humanoid creatures with three-fingered hands, large yellow eyes, and enlarged heads with a big brain bearing a pair of thin antennae.

They appear to be biocybernetic creatures, with retractable helicopter propellers which spring from the top of their heads, not unlike Inspector Gadget's own Gadget Copter. They also use their antennae as communicating devices, able to operate from space to Earth, and therefore likely to be based on radio waves or maybe some powerful form of telepathy. Their technology includes a small device which can "reverse brain waves", causing stupid life forms to become smart, and smart life forms to become stupid.


At least some members of this species are known to travel in large mother ships surrounded by small blue flying saucers, seeking new worlds to colonize. At one point, one such group arrived on Earth and made a deal with the evil Dr. Claw, who promised to give them ownership of the Earth's moon in exchange for the aliens capturing his nemesis Inspector Gadget. For several days the aliens' flying saucer landed on the small American town of Squicky Springs, punctually every Tuesday at 8:00 pm, and it is implied that they intentionally produced peculiarities (such as making a dog sing opera rather than bark) just so that Gadget would be sent to investigate and be captured. At first they capture Colonel Nozzaire, mistaking him for Gadget, but eventually the real cyborg inspector shows up, looking for Nozzaire, and is captured. However, the aliens find out that Gadget is not evil as Dr. Claw had claimed, and that Claw and the M.A.D. agents had fooled them, as the moon doesn't actually belongs to humanity and therefore cannot be traded. After Gadget defeats the agents (with the help from the aforementioned device that makes him temporarily smart) he tells the aliens that the moon is open territory and they may settle on it as long as they are not hostile. They are later seen apologizing to Nozzaire for the inconvenience and giving him a priceless alien egg (calculated as valuable enough to enable him to buy Australia). Unfortunately, Gadget puts the egg on a bag of hot water, causing it to hatch prematurely and releasing an alien beast that instantly grows to adult size and attacks Nozzaire.


  • Gadget and the Gadgetinis – "Don't Call me Gadget" (2001)


  • At one point, one of the aliens mentions that they have traveled to Earth from the Flag Norvel Nebula. It isn't clear if that is where their homeworld is located, though.
  • After Gadget defeats the M.A.D. agents and explains to the aliens that they may settle on the moon if they wish, they compliment him by saying he's the most amazing carbon-based life form they've ever seen. This line of dialogue suggests that the aliens may not be carbon-based life forms themselves.