The nameless aliens are creatures that appear as antagonists in the infamous Dye music video Fantasy. The less mature type seems to be greatly inspired by The Thing, whilst the largest type heavily resembles Lovecraftian horrors such Shoggoth.

In the video, four teenagers sneak into a local pool at night where the first pair get in the pool and engage in sexual relations. Meanwhile, a much more shyer girl neglects similar relations with her boyfriend and jumps into the pool, where she feels some mutations growing around her crotch. She swims out of the pool before the mutations can actually occur, but finds out her friends were not lucky enough to escape the pool's mutations. They are rendered into revolting monsters where the murder the survivor girl's boyfriend.

The survivor girl escapes into the pool where she sees going to the bottom of it makes her emerge into an alternate dimension. This dimension consists of colossal jagged mountains and plains completely make from rock, all bathed in blinding sunlight. In the center of it all is an indescribably large creature similar to the survivor girl's mutated friends, but completely void of any human qualities and miles high. Simply looking at the beast burns the girl's eyes from her sockets, and she collapses in front of the god-like monster, dead.

Appearance Edit

The aliens seem to possess humans and contort their bodies into disgusting ways. First, the human bleeds from their orifaces (eyes, nose, mouth, ears), a large permanent smile is carved into their faces, and their pupils disappear. The mutations seem to be sex-related, as the male was fingering the female in the pool, so the male's arm becomes a giant worm-like creature that burrows up into the vagina, through her stomach, and into her chest, connecting the two. The mutations put them in a zombie-like trance, as the girl is seen completely lifeless, staring at the ceiling, and drooling.

The girl is able to split her body in half vertically from head to stomach, where her entire body basically becomes a giant jaw that chomps down on anything with huge, sharp teeth jagging out of her insides. After eating the second male in the video, the girl twists his head into his spine and merges his flesh into her upper body.

The first male, on the other hand, has his head split in half where another giant worm, this time headed with a mouth filled with sharp teeth, spouts out of the split. Patches of large tumors and small tentacles also spout of his skin, and the worm is so powerful it can burrow through the concrete floor instantly.

The mature form seems to be a god-like being so divine and powerful that simply looking at it can instantly kill a human by making their eyes explode. The bottom half seems to be composed of a large mass of flesh standing on a few large crab-esque legs. The body of the beast is fairly human-like with one arm dangling off the side and a planet ring wrapping around it. The "head" is another mass of flesh with two patches of tentacles gouging out of it as well as another arm and crab-leg. Two blue circles are on the head, making it possible that these serve as eyes. The mature form of this alien species is immeasurably large.

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