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One of the aliens from Extraterrestrial

The Extraterrestrials are a hostile alien species from the movie Extraterrestrial.


This species is an odd one as its only facial feature is a pair of huge, jet-black, almond shaped eyes as well as an oval-shaped head, making it akin to the many Grey variations seen in various Sci-Fi movies and television shows. At the point where their heads meet their necks are two sets of three holes, which are most likely used in the same way as a Human's lungs. Their skin is cold, grey, and clammy with easily visible veins, meaning that said skin is likely very thin. This skin may appear blistered in some places, most notably around the aforementioned eyes. The creatures are emaciated with very skeletal frames which, coupled with their seemingly thin skin, often reveal their oddly human bones. The aliens are very tall, standing anywhere from seven to nine feet tall. At the ends of very skinny arms are hands containing three fingers and a thumb that each have a black, claw-like nail on them. The alien's, which will hence forth be called Greys for the sake of convenience, spines bend forwards at the point between the hips and the rib cage. Their emaciated frames may be a defining feature of their species as all the individuals seen in the movie look this way. One theory for why they look this way could be that these aliens spend most of their lives in space as they could be a nomadic species with no homeworld to return to. Their frail appearance is deceiving however as the Greys are apparently very strong, being able to tear a person's arm clean off.


The Greys have very powerful psionic abilities including mind control. At one point when a few of the characters come across one of the Greys standing in the middle of the road, it simply stares at them as it holds out one of its hands towards them. The alien shines a light on the driver of the vehicle, a police officer, and forces him to kill his partner before forcing the man to kill himself. The Greys apparently preform this by flashing images of death and despair, usually of an individual close to the victim of the Greys' mind control, through the minds of their targets and, once they are done with said target they simply move their fingers to force the target to kill themselves.
Extraterrestrial(2014) - cop scene

Extraterrestrial(2014) - cop scene


This species is, unlike most Grey variations, hostile to humans. This is seen at the beginning of the movie where the characters are abducted by the Greys. At one point the characters manage to kill one of the aliens, shooting it in the stomach and letting it sink to the bottom of a pool. From then on, the Greys seem much more aggressive and violent. Early on in the film, the Greys attempt to abduct several characters using their ship. Those that are abducted are seemingly cocooned to walls, similar to how Xenomorphs cocoon their victims, allowing them to safely use a probe on them without having to worry about any problems of the victims escaping. In this regard they can be seen as cruel and malevolent as the probing is done without any use of anesthetic, allowing the victims to feel everything that is done to them.


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