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The Aliens (AKA: Morphids) are a mysterious race discovered by Lunar Corporation and Eurasian Dynasty forces around 2160. They are native to Eden and somehow ended up on Mars (whether by their own means or not is unknown).


The unnamed Aliens have a very distinct leader caste, they are cyclopic with a single red eye, have a humanoid appearance, and have a deadly biological weapon in their left arm.



A Maintain Drone/Lady

  • Maintain ladies aka Maintain drones or occasionally called Maintains: They are basically the stem cells of an alien Lair, they can either clone themselves or become a Formidian Trooper or orchidian nest.
Formidian Trooper

A Formidian trooper.

  • Formidian Trooper:

The basic attack unit, while they are weak they can slow down stronger enemies until stronger units/structures are complete. They can morph into either Formidian Guardians or Maintain princesses.

Formidian Guardian

A Formidian Guardian

  • Formidian Guardian:

A larger version of a Formidian Trooper, the are green and black in color and have more health and attack power then Troopers, they can be sent in after Troopers and attack the enemy while they're distracted by the Troopers.

  • Maintain princess:

A large semi-ruling caste which transforms into the Hermipterian family of units or Queens.

  • Hermipterian Grenadier:

A Grenadier unit that shoots ballistic globs of acid, it's large claws allow it to move fairly quickly for it's size, and it has the ability to entrench itself.

  • Hermipterian Defender:

An anti-air unit, the Hermipterian Defenders use organic caustic substances against their enemies, and can effectively pierce ships.

  • Maintain Queen:

The last Maintain unit, they likely have control over other Morphid units, they can become Coleopian Tanks and Arachnian Exterminators.

  • Coleopian Tank:
A "Tank" so to speak, it is a medium-heavy attack-strength unit that can defeat a large amount of infantry as well as
Hermipterian Grenadier

Hermipterian Grenadier

fellow assault vehicles.
  • Arachnian Exterminator:

Arachnian Exterminators are long-range units capable of decimating enemy infantry from a distance, working better when defended by closer ranged units.

  • Oryctian Tank:

A modified Coleopian Tank. DNA alterations have endowed it with the ability to secret a highly concentrated substance. This substance can penetrate anti-chemical and reflective armors, causing massive internal damage.

  • Arachnian Demolisher:

The Arachnian Demolisher is a deadly caste formed out of an Arachnian Exterminator. While it's even more slow-firing than its predecessor, the Demolisher is one of only two Alien units that inflict armor-piercing damage. Just like the Exterminator, the Demolisher is unsuitable as a frontline unit; indeed, its best use is the long-range shelling of enemy bases.

Hermipterian Grenadier

A Hermipterian Grenadier in the fog

  • Gryllopian Brainer:
A large white brain with an ability to use mind control on enemy infantry, while it lacks acid shooting or anything of the like, it can convert enemies to its side and cause mass chaos amongst the enemy ranks.
Gryllopian Brainer

A Gryllopian Brainer.

Morphid chart

A chart of all the Morphids


  • OrchidianNest

    Orchidian Nest

    Orchidian Nest:

A large plant, it shoots acid globs at both land and air targets but does less damage than its morphs.


Cactacian Nest

  • Cactacian Nest:

The Cactacian Nest is a ground-only plan like structure, it is covered in spikes and shoots ballistic explosive acid globs, however it is defenseless against aerial attacks.


Drosderian Nest

  • Drosderian Nest:

An Anti-air defensive structure, it blasts acidic globs that explode upon contact, they can easily destroy fighter squads or even larger enemy spaceships, but are defensless against enemy ground forces.


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