Alien Species

These Aliens are a sapient humanoid species.


The Aliens are very humanoid in appearance, closely akin to an elder, pot-bellied Humans. They are capable of changing their true forms into a more human-like, and more "approachable" form, though they're unable to change the clothes they wear.

Interestingly, the aliens develop an almost zombified state of mind when disguised as a Human, suggesting the process of transforming from their true forms alter the aliens' minds in some form. They regain their sapience once returning to their true forms.

Culture and society[]

The aliens seem to live in a strict hierarchy. The worker-class of this race are highly devoted to their leaders and superiors, willing to die for a task given to them or to protect a designated target.

Their society also seems to be highly advanced, or at the least more akin to Humanity, as a group of these aliens had invaded Earth with means of turning the population of Humans into a new food supply for their "fast-food industry", with extra benefits that if it would please the superiors then it would prompt a full-extent invasion.


  • Bad Taste (1987)