Alien Species

Alien Apocalypse Alien.png

They physically appear as bipedal insectoid creatures, who stand over two meters tall and are easily recognized by their green exoskeletons. They share many attributes associated with insects, such as compound eyes, jointed limbs, and their mandibles conceal hideously large mouths filled with sharp teeth. The species primarily feed on wood, as they invaded Earth to harvest all the trees there. They also feed on raw flesh, and have been observed eating Humans by biting their heads off. Despite their hard exoskeletons however, they can be stabbed or shot to death. Their blood is bright green in colour.

They ran slave camps on Earth, and enslaved the Humans until they were freed by a group of Astronauts after they returned from a mission in space. They often use large energy blasters for attack and defence, as well as large tank-like vehicles and E.M.P bombs to subdue any resistance. They can also speak English, especially with the leader who had a bad habit of repeating himself. They also seem to have their own religion, which revolves around the worship of a "termite in the sky".


  • Alien Apocalypse (2005)