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Alichino Furuneo
Universe ConSentiency Universe
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Currently Unspecified
Eye color Currently Unspecified
Homeworld Currently Unspecified
Affiliation BuSab

Alichino Furuneo, often called only by his last name, was a 67-year-old agent for the Bureau of Sabotage (BuSab) who worked closely with Jorj X. McKie on the Whipping Star incident, which took place on the planet Cordiality, located in the Sfich system.

He was killed by Cheo, a Pan Spechi criminal working alongside Madame Mliss Abnethe. He was lifted by his neck through a jumpdoor that was situated above his head, and once his head was through the gate, it was closed, decapitating him. Abnethe mourned his death due to the obvious suffering he had endured in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • Furuneo is introduced in the first sentence of page 9 (the first page of the actual story) of the book The Whipping Star.
  • Furuneo dies on page 118 of the book The Whipping Star.
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