The Alflololians are the sapient native inhabitants of the planet Alflolol (known to Earth colonists as Technorog). They are robust, 2.5 meters tall humanoids with a distinctive horn on their foreheads and powerful psychic abilities whose exact nature varies among individuals: some are capable of telepathy, others of telekinesis, others of healing injuries and others of matter transformation, among other possibilities. They have a very small population: just about 100 small families. Their average lifespan exceeds twenty thousand Earth years, which is compensated by a rigid birth control. They are physically very strong and need only a few minutes of sleep each night.

Their culture is rather interesting in that despite possessing spacefaring technology, they are still basically hunter-gatherers who live in small family units, living alongside nature and hunting their own food. They are an extremely peaceful and festive species which has little appreciation for material things and hold great value on friendship. At times the entire species takes up their spaceships, propelled by pure mental energy, and leave the planet en masse, wandering through the cosmos only to return to Alflolol after a few thousands of years. In one such occasion, they returned only to find that their world had been claimed by Earth colonists, who were unaware of the Alflololian lifespan and habits and believed them to be long extinct. Despite the Alflololians' peaceful nature, their activities caused trouble for the Human colonists, who confined the Alflololian population to a small reserve, poor in hunting resources, and later obliged the Alflololians to labor in order to pay for the extra food they needed. Not content with the new state of their planet, the Alflololians took their ships again and departed from their world.


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