Alena Kuznetsova

Alena Kuznetsova or better known as Meterora or Ora by the rest of the galaxy is a legendary space smuggler from Earth.

History Edit

Alena was an ordinary girl from Earth, who had lived a normal life with her mother and father. Somehow she and her father managed to get off-planet and past the Preliminary Space Isolation around Earth. During the two's adventures in space, Alena lost her father who sacrificed himself to get her into an escape pod.

Alena would later build a reputation as a skilled smuggler, illegal immigrant, and criminal. She became friends with fellow social outcasts: Ziggy and Push.

To remind her of home she converted her personal ship to resemble a tram from her memories on Earth. Alena wishing to return home made ten previous attempts to breakthrough the Preliminary Space Isolation around Earth to see her mother but was always stopped by the Union of Justice and Order Fleet.

However on her eleventh try to breakthrough she caught the attention of Zab Neru, a high ranking military commissioner in the Space Coalition. Unwilling to tolerate any more violations of the Space Code, Zab Neru sentenced her to death. Alena was rescued by her comrades, however her failed attempt to see her mother did not deter her and continued to find ways to attempt another try.

Her last attempt costed her much, as she took a loan from the Golden Dragon, a crime syndicate that would be after her if she could not pay. Desperate for e-cubes, she took a job from the equally desperate Sohng King Gaudin II to deliver forbidden knowledge to his dying planet. She agreed and in order to ensure that the information was safely smuggled, the information was transmitted into three parts in each of her comrades heads by a mnemoinjector.

The plan was to smuggle the information to Sohnga without detection. However Alena decided to sell her peice of the information to an old associate, Ule, to maximize the number of e-cubes she could earn. Ule however was not content with just a piece and extracted the information of the other carriers. He imprisoned her and ordered his crew to sell her to the Space Coalition whilst he retrieved the other pieces.

Alena was saved when the Space Coalition ship sent to retrieve her was boarded by an unknown party who slaughtered both the Coalition and pirates allowing the smuggler to escape.

She managed to save Push and his former fiance from a rival aboard a cruise ship and informed him of the situation.

Source Edit

  • Meteora 001 (2015)
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