Alien Species

The Aleena are a race of very small (0.8 meters tall) sapients native to planet Aleen.


Aleena are diminutive bipedal reptilianoids with short arms and legs. Their small sharp teeth indicate a carnivorous diet. Since they are not big creatures and seem to have no defense mechanisms against the fearsome predators of their homeworld, Aleena rely on their quick reflexes and impressive agility to survive. In spite of their fast metabolism, their lifespan is a very average, being 80 standard years old.


Aleena are very social creatures and have a strong sense of curiosity and a love of travelling. During the height of their empire, they were capable of interstellar travel due to the influence of the Infinite Empire. However after millennia in self-imposed exile, the Aleena culture regressed to a simple society.

Notable Aleena[]

  • Ratts Tyerell
  • Kazdan Paratus
  • Tsui Choi
  • Fauja
  • Manchucho
  • Mrs. Tyerell
  • Grevel
  • Bogg Tyrell
  • Sollima
  • Djulla Tyerell