Alien Species

The Aldebaranians are a sapient alien species from the Aldebaran System, which live on a planet with six moons. The name they use for themselves in their own language can be roughly translated as "Triops", referring to their three eyes.


Aldebaranians are small bipeds which stand about 11 inches tall on average (27.94 cm). They have three blue eyes on their faces.

Despite living in aquatic settlements, they breathe air, and require masks to operate underwater. On land, they're preyed by terrestrial predators as large as a blue whale, which is the reason why they prefer to seek refuge in aquatic cities.

Culture and society[]

Members of this species have built underwater crystal cities to escape the dangers of the gigantic beasts which ravage the surface of their homeworld. Although their hand-weapons are extremely destructive, they haven't yet found a permanent solution to destroy these giant predators.

The Aldebaranians' homeworld is divided into several nations which coexisted peacefully with no wars for over a hundred years, before 1959. Their technology includes rocket ships that can travel to their homeworld's six moons, but they don't seem to have developed means of interstellar travel.

According to a Tau Cetan's claims, Aldebaranians practice a peculiar mating ritual. Young male Aldebaranians, upon reaching adulthood, swim far into the sea to meet with young females. Since the lovers wear masks, they can neither speak nor look into each other's eyes, but practice a ritual that involves swimming around each other, sensing the right moment to commence mating.


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