Alien Species
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Universe Metroid
Homeworld Zebes
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Conservation Status Extinct in the Wild
(possibly entirely extinct)

Alcoons were a species of reptilianoids which were native to both the Norfair and Crateria ecosystems on the planet Zebes. They are indigenous to lava flows and therefore are almost exclusively found deep within Norfair (these are found with a crimson-orange coloring), although a far-less successful green-hued subspecies exists in the few lava pools within Crateria. They are extremely similar to Zebesian Dragons, which may indicate that they are simply an advanced form of their shared species or a genetically-modified bio-weapon created by the Space Pirates whom had overtaken the former Chozo colony world. At the same time, it could simply show an extreme case of sexual dimorphism or a metamorphosis within their species (with the Dragons likely being the larvae of the Alcoons in this latter case).

They are known for surprising prey or opponents by using their fins to leap out of the water, after which they will chase after prey, albeit slowly, spitting fireballs through unknown means (although given their preferred environment, they may just be able to house some lava in some sort of organ inside themselves). They are weak to both beam and missile weaponry, with the latter likely cracking their outer shell and exposing the weaker insides to the intense heat of their environments.

As the planet Zebes was destroyed and no Dragons (or Alcoons) have been seen since, it is highly likely that they were rendered extinct when their world detonated along with Tourian and the Mother Brain.