Alan, Destroyer of Worlds
Alan Shark
General Information
Homeworld Alien Planet
Habitat Oceans and Seas
Length 18 meters
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Species Origin Bio-Engineering
Status Extinct (Earth)

Unknown (Alien Planet)

Behind the Scenes
Universe Hungry Shark Universe
Created by Future Games of London (FGOL)

Alan, Destroyer of Worlds is the name given to a bio-engineered alien shark that can be found within the "Alien Planet" waters of the android game Hungry Shark: Evolution. One of these sharks can also be playable.


The Alan is a very large aquatic creature, mostly resembling a frilled shark in anatomy. The gills on the shark are very prominent, looking like a set of frills along the sides of its neck. Its teeth, unlike normal sharks, are much larger and thicker, more comparable to tyrannosaur teeth than shark teeth. Due to this size however, Alans only have two rows of these backwards facing teeth, with a total of only 28 teeth (most sharks have at least 50 teeth).


This is a second variant of the same species. Note the duller coloration on this variant of Alan compared to the brighter blue on the original.

Their eyes are notable larger, looking more similar to a reptile or amphibian's eyes than that of most sharks, notably as they extend out of the head in a manor similar to frogs and toads. Their tails end in a sharpened fin, five sets of spikes jutting out of the sides.


As the name possibly implies, Alans are extremely hostile and very dangerous towards other creatures. Given its large size and natural aggression (not to mention the bio-engineering) it shows little to no fear in attacking and eating all sorts of lifeforms on other planets.

Speaking of eating, its main food source (supposedly) is giant marine reptiles (mosasaurs being an example) and its own kind.


according to the "Shark Info" page regarding the Alan in Hungry Shark: Evolution, the main quote for Alan mainly states that it was a biologically-engineered super shark made by an unnamed, highly advanced alien race to be released upon mankind for the purpose of reeking havoc. Given the nature of the game, a playable Alan would be very successful in this task.


The ultimate fate of Alan, Destroyer of Worlds is revealed within Hungry Shark World - sequel to Hungry Shark: Evolution, where a Easter egg shows the monster shark frozen in ice. It can be speculated that it had gone extinct on planet earth due to the colder conditions, as it's never seen in the game outside of this one time.

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