Al Packa are deadly, carnivorous alpaca found spread across the galaxy. While their homeworld is no longer known, it is possible that they evolved from actual alpacas from Earth before the demise of mankind. Their bite is considered horrifically powerful and they can also charge and stun a foe before taking it down.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Al Packa are one of the official Maxis creatures present in the final game.
  • They are intended as an in-game joke, and are based off of the far more harmless and herbivorous alpacas found on Earth.
    • The usage of alpacas or llamas are a running joke in Maxis games, appearing in other games such as Sim City or The Sims.
  • An epic Al Packa was seen in the trailer for Galactic Adventures fighting an epic Brontoth.
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