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Air Hammers are a rare of space-borne creatures that herald over comet storms.


Air Hammers resemble robotic hammerhead sharks with wings.

Powers and abilities[]

An Air Hammer's skull is the hardest substance in the universe. A flock of Air Hammers can tear through a starship.


Air Hammers are unable to tear through shields.


Forty cycles after the Ark left Earth, the ship was struck by an EMP, paralyzing the ship and its crew. Being unaffected by the pulse, Arcee and Grimlock used an Autobot shuttle to guide the Air Hammers away from the Ark.

After the Great War ended, Cybertron was invaded and conquered by the Quintessons, who locked the Cybertronian populace within a virtual reality simulation. The only way to escape from "The Loop" was by transformation, so Perceptor hacked into it and summoned a flock of Air Hammers. The beasts' presence scared everyone into transforming, there by setting them free from the Loop.


  • This species is physically modeled after the beast mode of the original Air Hammer, a Maximal Fuzor featured in the Beast Wars franchise.