Alien Species

Ailoprobes are a peculiar species that operates as a sort of organic security system for the alien invaders of Corridor 7 on Mars. Normally found in a dormant state, they are unable to actually attack an opponent; however, should a trespasser make too much noise (assuming that they have a sense of audition), they will awaken and alert other, more deadly members of their forces to the trespasser's presence, likely through a form of telekinesis. It is unknown what the seemingly-hundreds of tendrils extending below the eye are, but they may be sensory organs, movement facilitators, or even a way to feed. If they are not a way to feed, however, it seems most likely that Ailoprobes are genetically-bred and will starve to death after a certain time period, although there is no other evidence to support this.

It seems that some Ailoprobes are retrofitted with cybernetics to create the Animated Probes.


  • The name of Ailoprobes seems to stem from a purposeful misspelling of the word "eye" combined with the word "probe".