Alien Species


The Ahamkara were a mysterious aliens species in Destiny.


According to the Ishtar Academy studied the Ahamkara were an interest of study due to their unique genome, which contained unknown new proteins. They were also noted to be a parasitic species. Based on their remains, the Ahamkara were avian or draconic in appearance, possessing scales and sharp beaks.


The Ahamkara arrived in the Sol System after the Traveler visited. After the Collapse the Ahamkara were regarded as wish-fulfilling "dragons". They were sought out by many Guardians in search of knowledge and power. Over time the bargain made with these creatures came at too high a price. The Guardians launched the Great Ahamkara Hunt rendering the species nearly extinct. However there was 1 survivor that remained hidden in the Dreaming City. The ahamkara were able to grant wishes even if only their bones remained after death.

The one surviving ahamkara was later discovered to be located in the dreaking city. This ahamkara was called "Riven of A Thousand Voices".