Alien Species

The Agletsch are a race of vaguely spider-like aliens under the rule of the Sh'daar. Their society, both inside and outside the vast Sh'daar empire, revolves around the trade of information.


Anatomy & Physiology[]

An adult female Agletsch vaguely resembles a spider, except with sixteen legs instead of eight. The front eight legs are used as arms, while the Agletsch walks on the rear eight legs. Four eyes on stalks emerge from its face, on the front of a brown-furred, ovoid body about one meter long. The legs span two meters, and the entire creature weighs about 40 kilograms (90 lbs). The males, in contrast, are small, leech-like creatures that hang off the female's face.


Agletsch are omnivores. They feed by vomiting up their stomach contents onto food and then consuming the resulting slurry. Possibly because of this, Agletsch view eating as an intensely private act.

Reproduction & Life Cycle[]

Agletsch males attach themselves to the faces of females and essentially fuse with them, much like terrestrial anglerfish. Other than this, the specifics of Agletsch reproduction are unknown.