The world intra -terrestrial of Agharta

It is an intra-terrestrial world, founded by fallen angels in the past, their journey after survive the destruction of the great flood, took them to the earth to found the isolated world of Agharta.


The giants from Agartha (or fallen angels)

Unlike the mythology of "hell", Agharta houses several cities, mixed to several species of aliens, in the union of the planetary federation. There are "probably dangerous" entrances connecting the Agharta, one of them and in Egypt (Pyramid of Gize), in Brazil (Serra do Roncador and Iguaçu falls), in Italy (Mount Epomeo), in United States (Kentucky mountain), following from the great entrance in the middle of the ice, the entrance of Agharta.

Mount Vinson (Antarctica), houses an agglomeration of mountains and a glacial pyramid, mentioned by the prophet Enoch on the journey of the fallen angels to this place.

Book of Enoch

18.5 And I saw the winds on the earth that hold up the clouds, and I saw the walk of the angels. I saw at the end of the earth; The sky above.

18,6 And I went to the south, and burned day and night, where were seven mounds of precious stones, three to the east and three to the south.

18,7 And the ones of the east were of a colored stone, and one was of pearls, and another of stone of healing; And those to the south, red stone.

18,8 And the middle came to heaven, as the throne of the LORD of stibium, and the top of the throne was of sapphire.

What is interesting in the passage above is that Enoch refers to a place that "was burning day and night." Ben-Nun believes this fits the description of Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere's summer season when there is 24-hour sunlight. As regards the south and east alignment of the six mountains adjacent to Mount Vinson described in the Book of Enoch, Ben-Nun speculates that this was his alignment before the catastrophic flood event, which coincided with a displacement of the Earth's axis of rotation .

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