Agent Wendy Pleakley
Universe Disney Universe
Species Plorgonarian
Gender Male
Homeworld Unspecified
Affiliation Galactic Federation, Earth

Agent Wendy Pleakley is a Plorgonarian who studied planet Earth for many years. He was the Galactic Federation's resident expert on the planet. His first name, Wendy, means "brave warrior" in Florganart, his planet's native language. Pleakley has a mother (whom he is always talking to on his phone), a sister and a brother.

When "experiment 626", a dangerous, genetically-engineered creature created by the Kweltikwan mad scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba, escaped from prison and crash-landed on Earth, Pleakley was called upon to help Dr. Jumba to capture the beast without causing harm to the planet and its native population and fauna (according to Pleakley, Earth must be protected because it is the natural habitat of mosquitoes, which he believes to be an endangered species). After failing to capture the experiment, Jumba and Pleakley were fired and sentenced to prison. At the end, however, 626 was captured and Jumba and Pleakley were left on planet Earth. They still live there, disguised as Humans, and have become best friends since then.

Later, Jumba's 625 other illegal genetic experiments escaped on Earth as well, and Pleakley helped to capture all of them and find a place on the planet where they could live without causing trouble. As a reward, the Galactic Federation gave him a job at the Galactic Alliance Community College as Head of Earth Studies. He later decided to go back to Earth, however, as he missed Jumba and their Human friends.

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