General Information
Homeworld Aeos Prime
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

The Aeosians are an species from the planet Aeos Prime.


The Aeosian were tall green skinned humanoids with digigrade legs. They were amphibous capable of breathing water and air.

Background Edit

Decades ago the Aeosians were allied with the Alliance to Restore the Republic and allowed the rebels to build a base on their world. When the New Republic was established the base was abandoned, however not forgotten, as the Forst Order began to target worlds that the old rebellion claimed to prevent they from being reused by the Resistance. The Aeosians were attacked in the crossfire, resulting in the death of their healer. When the fugitive Colossus arrived, the Aeosians seeing the vessel to be of similar design to a Star Destroyer believed it to be another invasion. However after members of the Colossus provided medical aid to the Aeosians their queen allowed the ship to make a home on their world.

Culture Edit

The Aeosians were primitive, ruled by a Queen and domesticated Krakavora.


  • Star Wars Resistance Season 2: Episode 15: The New World 
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