The Aegenans are an alien race native to the planet Aegena.


The Aegenans are a race that have been enhanced by a substance called the Justice Stone. These stones are symbiotic organisms, that are embedded in their chests. They are capable of imbuing the Aegenans with a variety of powers, including super strength, flight, energy manipulation and a staff composed of pure energy. Though the Justice Stones are only able to work within the EM fields of Aegenan, and some reclaibration would be required for them to operate on other worlds.


The Aegenans have been mired in a long civil war, between the Protectorate and the Directorate, for control of the planet. 

Culture Edit

The Aegenans were a warrior orient people, divided into two camps: 

  • The Protectorate: A peacekeeping organization that is based on Aegena. 
  • The Directorate: A tyrannical party, led by the Rolin Royal Family. 


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