The Adenians are a sapient species from the planet Adenia.

Biology Edit

The Adenians are mammalian humanoids with skin coming in a variety of shades from grey to green. They possess slits running perpendicular down their foreheads. Males have pronounced cranial ridged that bulge from their foreheads. In addition they possess slightly pointed ears.

Culture and society Edit

Adenian society is at the level of the medieval age. They worship a pantheon of gods that they believed to have created to e world. The Akolouth are a group of clerics that maintain this ideology, assuming control over the kingdoms. Any deviation from their theology is seen as heresy and is as an affront to their gods and a threat to their power. Scientific advances in Adenia are thus hindered as many free-thinking alchemists, scholars and philosophers are hunted and ostracized from society.

Deities Edit

Appearances Edit

  • Artifact One Issue 000
  • Artifact One Issue 001
  • Artifact One Issue 002
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