General Information
Homeworld Adari (Not believed to be their actual homeworld)
Height 1.7 meters
Diet Unspecified
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Adarese
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

The Adarians are sapient humanoids with blue or yellowed skin hailing from the planet Adari, although it is not believed to be their original homeworld. They are most notable for elongated skulls with a large hole that seems to penetrate the skull that serves no obvious evolutionary purpose. They also lack ears or a nose. Instead they have adapted fine hairs that cover their head and are very sensitive to sound waves, and their skin has glands located beneath the surface that allow them to pick up smells. They possess sharp, bony ridges edge around their oral opening, which are likely used for clipping their food, whether it is meat or floral matter. They also possess a distendable throat pouches that can be elongated like a frog's to emit a loud call, used for communication over long distances.

Culture Edit

Adarians are a stubborn people, and once they've made up their minds on one thing or another, it is generally almost impossible to change it for them. Society is based around a rigid caste system which they call "screel'sara", with the headquarters of their government being the Hall of Decisions, indicating that it likely operated as a judicial structure as well.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire, they signed a non-aggression treaty to gain neutrality in the Galactic Civil War in return for an unlimited amount of raw materials. As such, they were allowed representation in the Imperial Senate as well.

Technology Edit

Adarians are known for a unique, advanced carbon-ice drive system.

Notable Adarians Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Adarians were created and intended for one to appear as a character within Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi. It was designed and sculpted from the chest up, and was nicknamed "Hole in the Head", which is common for those working on Star Wars movies to nickname the aliens and give them official names later.
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