Adam Curtis was a man on the train into Chicago, when 218 escaped prisoners from SAR TOP and took over human life forces on the train. Adam was taken over by an unnamed Nodulian.


The Nodulian who took over the body of Adam Curtis is not named, but it is revealed he worked for the Minstry of Finance on Nodul, with him been imprisoned after he stole half the treasury.

After taking over the body of Adam Curtis, Zin tasked him with getting Troy Montana (the actor who did the 'Cole' underwear poster that Cole/Daggon used the image of) out of America and to Paris so he would be away from Cole, before killing him and disposing of his body. Due to complications (Troy's plane been delayed, Adam loosing him at the airport and Troy changing hotels), Adam failed his mission.

Returning to America, he later met up with Zin (along with his followers Vax and Tanner) in a parking lot and tried to explain his failings, but Zin was not interested. Offering him a chance to redeem himself after Adam begs for another chance, but warning there will be a small sacrifice, Adam replied that 'no sacrifice

The Nodulian life force inside Adam dying.

was too great'. Tanner then proceeded to shoot Adam numerous times - killing his human body in front of a CCTV camera. Despite asking Zin for help finding another human body quickly, Zin coldly remarks there are none available at the time - adding that while a life is a terrible thing to waste, it is for a good cause. Zin and his two followers then leave, with the Nodulian inside Adam's body dying soon after.

Later getting the tape of the CCTV footage and editing it to make it look like Troy Montana was responsible (after filming a 'fake movie scene' of Troy Montana killing a man who looked like Adam Curtis), Cole was wrongly arrested and charged for Adam's murder due to him looking like Troy. However, he managed to escape and help the real Troy get his innocence - with the woman who was really responsible for the murder getting arrested despite her attempt to escape the courtroom.


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 10: Double Down

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