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The Acquarans are a Sebaceanoid species native to the Uncharted Territories of the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Acquarans are a a humanoid species that may be a cultural offshoot of the Sebaceans.


The Acquarans were originally subjects of the Hynerian Empire under the rule of Dominar Rygel X. Their ancestors were sent to the Uncharted Territories to expand the rule of the empire where they colonized the planet Acquara. Though upon landing on the planet the colonists found that all their electronic technology had ceased to function. Stranded the Acquarans were forced to adopt a primitive lifestyle.

Many cycles later the Acquarans were visited by an outsider from their world, a human named John Crichton, who became stranded on their planet after his Leviathan Moya accidentally Starbursted away. John was accepted by the Acquarans albeit tentatively for the chief priestess's son was hostile to him as the chief's daughter was interested in John. Moya's crew eventually came back for John after three months searching the right planet. Rygel XVI and D'Rago found themselves stranded when they came to rescue John and they nearly faced death by the natives until Rygel was recognized as a Dominar.

His coming was seen as a prophesized return for the Acquarans and Rygel was worshipped as a god. Once looking at the scared text, Rygel learned that his ancestor intentionally stranded then Acquarans' ancestors on the planet on purpose so that their culture would revolve on devoting themselves to the House of Rygel. Rygel was disgusted by the acts of his ancestor and tried to make things right by explaining the situation. However the high priestess who knew the truth tried to prevent this by calling Rygel a false god and rallied the natives to sacrifice him as part of the ritual to elevate themselves. John though managed to find the energy drain device which required the hands of a Dominar to deactivate to restore the technology on the planet.

Rygel using his ThroneSled to levitate above the Acquarans regained their trust and awe and managed to convince them of the truth. The Moya crew were given thanks and provided with supplies by the Acquarans.


The Acquarans were once a space-faring culture but due to the Hynerian power-drain and regressed into a pre-industrial tribal culture.


  • Jeremiah Crichton