Alien Species

The Ackdarians are a semi-aquatic race of mammalians that whom were a part of an ancient galactic


alliance known as the Freedom Alliance that halted and eventually destroyed the first Shakturi invasion of the galaxy.

Due to evolving on a ocean world with small islands dotting the planet ,the Ackdarians have developed large webbed hands and feet and long slender but powerful limbs to help them swim from island to island. Despite their appearance, they are also quite dexterous and are capable of living outside of water. 

They are known to be one of the most friendly species in the galaxy. Their rich culture makes them easy to understand others.They excel in building highly maintainable star ships. They use advance engine technology including the more advanced Turbo Thruster ER7 engine. This engine is extremely fuel-efficient, allowing their star ships to travel further than most ships without having to stop for fuel regularly.

The Ackdarians are famous for their cultivation of the Nepthys seaweed,in which Nepthys wine is made from. Ackdarian farmers grow enormous forests of this seaweed deep beneath the oceans of agricultural worlds. They regularly harvest them year round and then slowly ferment the plant into a smooth tasty wine. Other exports include the mining of Ucantium pearl. They are known to build vast and beautiful underwater cities.

Their role in the Freedom Alliance was major as they selflessly provided their ships, troops and technology to fight the Shakturi and their alliance of insectoids. When the war ended the Ackdarians fell into technological decline until eventually forgetting the use of faster than light technology. if they survived the age of shadows then they'd most likely re-activated the ancient alliance to fend off the new invasion by the Shakturi.