Achernonians are a purple-grey-skinned humanoid race native to the planet Achernon, fourth planet orbiting Alpha Unakalhai. They are a tall race, averaging 6'4" in height, and possess only a pre-industrial level of technology. They are known as superstitious and hedonistic, with a dictatorial government. Some possess the ability to become immaterial at will, though it is unknown how common this ability is or what causes it. The planet Achernon is a rocky world, 60% covered in volcanic rock; the atmosphere possesses a high sulfur content.

Notable membersEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • They were first seen in Thor Annual #6 (1977).
  • The name of the planet/race may have been derived from the Greek river Acheron.
  • An alien race known as "Achernonians" was also depicted in Silver Surfer Vol 3 12. Is not yet certain whether or not this is the same race, or a different race which has the same name.
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