General Information
Homeworld Data not available
Habitat Data not available
Height Slightly taller than humans
Diet Data not available
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Data not available
Subspecies/Races Data not available
Behind the Scenes
Universe Uplift Universe

Acceptors(ab-Tandu ab-Nght8) are a race of psychic adepts able to probe, affirm and sense reality. Acceptors are clients used by the Tandu as sentient, biological sensors and psi-detectors. They have a deep curiosity and love to observe everything. Indeed, Acceptors are so taken with sensory input that it is quite difficult to get many members of the race to give adequate attention to personal needs. The Tandu have "uplifted" and "educated" them, over the course of 40,000 hab-years of unusually harsh clienthood, to use and defeat mind shields, to recognize danger, and (after having genetically "addicted" the entire species to stimulus of any sort) to respond appropriately to reward and punishment. They have spindly legs and elongated bodies.

Acceptors are among the fanatic races that do battle over Kithrup to capture the Earthling ship, Streaker.


  • David Brin's Startide Rising.


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