The Academy is an intergalactic organization that represents a large and complex series of guilds and "horizontal" organizations that deal on an equal footing with all of the nations in the galaxies of Endless Space. Bases of operations and associations are found throughout all the civilizations of the galaxies. The membership of the Academy consists primarily of scientists, adventurers who travel throughout the universe to explore and experience the wonders of the cosmos and science. Any one no matter their affiliation or race are welcomed into the fold of the Academy to enhance the body's archive of knowledge.

Endless Space Edit

In the original game 2012 game, the Academies served as elements in the development of intergalactic civilization. Various factions used the Academies to increase their political and financial power, by to sharing knowledge, developing their own area of expertise.

Endless Space 2 Edit

In the 2017 a reboot of Endless Space, gives the Academy as a secret and covert intergalactic institution controlled by an unknown group. According to the various Hero backgrounds, the Academy recruits numerous agents among many races. Recruitment is either done personally by the mysterious leaders of the Academy or through their Servitors.

The existence of the Academy is regard as a quasi-mystical organization, whose real location is hidden. The Academy itself in the game is revealed to be a gigantic mobile vessel with a Temple dedicated to the Endless.

Its later revealed that the Academy was founded by a rogue, Vodyani named Isyander St Shaiad. Isyander was the brother of the Hierarch, the leader of his race. However he discovered the horrible truth about Dust and the Virtuals, the faction of Endless that his people worshiped. Learning of the horrific actions they committed in the Dust Wars against their brethren, Isyander forsaken the Virtuals, and wished to make amends to the ones his gods wronged, the Concretes. In addition he gathered numerous followers as well as freed slaves to end the corruption of Dust.

He attempted to launch a revolution in his civilization, but was defeated and exiled. Still he sought to right the wrongs and made it his goal to resurrect the Lost. Isyander created the Academy with its temple base to act as a conduit to resurrect the Lost by "resetting" Dust, which would eliminate the Virtual's corruption, and restore the Lost. However, that plan will also result in the loss of Dust itself, which would cause the galaxy to be changed forever.

Isyander Shumèd would eventually approach the Nakalim, the old worshipers of the Lost. After awakening them from their long slumber they recognized him as a messenger of the gods. Rallying their ships and armies they began to work with the Academy, expanding its influence turning it an empire.

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