Alien Species


Abzorbalovians are a sapient species that are humanoid in appearance, and have the ability to absorb the body of their victims, including their knowledge, memories, and consciousness, from touch alone. Abzorbalovians come from Clom, which was the sister planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius.


Similar to Raxacoricofallapatorians, Abzorbalovians have yellow-green skin, three digits per hand and feet, as well as a tail. They have hair growing from their heads and numerous warts. Their faces contain many folding swith posterior part of their cheeks lined with warts. They have humanoid eyes and mouth, and their skins are covered with darkly pigmented spots that are very visible at the scalp. The faces of the victims the Abzorbalobians have absorbed are embedded on the body of the latter.


Some Abzorbalovians are known to despise their cousins, the Raxacoricofallapatorians.


Abzorbalovians are technologically advanced, or have access to advanced technology as indicated by the presence of the Abzorbaloff on Earth. However, they can also have similar teleportation devices such as those used by their cousin Raxacoricofallapatorians. Abzorbalovians use limitation fields, which assist in their ability to absorb their victims. The limitation field also provides support to the Absorbalovians in keeping their bodies intact. Destruction of the limitation field disrupts with the internal systems of Absorbalovians, resulting in them dissolving into a puddle that can be quickly absorbed by the ground. Absorbalovians also make use of some sort of technology to mask their appearance and resemble humans. It is unknown if they use compression fields, similar to their cousins, which can disguise them as humans.


An Abzorbalovian with the purpose of absorbing the Doctor and taking his TARDIS came to Earth. He stole secret files about the Doctor from Torchwood and infiltrated London Investigative ‘N Detective Agency (LINDA), a small group of people that discuss their experiences with the Doctor. One by one, the Absorbaloff absorbed the members of LINDA until the Doctor showed up. Elton, the remaining member of LINDA, managed to break the Absorbaloff’s limitation field with the helped of his absorbed friends. The Absorbaloff disintegrated into a puddle and got absorbed by the pavement.

Clom, their home planet, was once stolen by Daleks to produce a Reality Bomb.

Clom also has a Disneyland attraction, implying contact with humans.