General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Four Points Universe

The Above are a race of humans that live in the skies of Earth.

Biology Edit

The Above resemble humans, save that they can manipulate air and prefer to levitate than allow themselves to touch the ground. In addition they are quite long-lived.

History Edit

For hundreds of years their have been legends from different cultures regarding the Above. A mysterious race that had lived on a floating island far above in the sky before the invention of satellite or airplanes.

In 1937 the relative isolation of the Above was disrupted when American pilot Amelia Earhart accidentally crashed unto their hidden sanctuary. She befriended I'van Highplace princess of the Above.

It is unclear to what had transpired after the human's visit but a century later, I'van left the Above and took the name of Ivana Ghoul, joining the Russian air force.

Culture Edit

Not much is known about the Above, only that they are highly isolationist. From a glance they possess some unique technology regarding balloons that somehow keep an entire city afloat above the clouds. They are and may still be ruled by a monarchy.


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