Alien Species
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Inysh
Average Height 1.2 - 1.6 meters
Diet Unspecified
Intellectual Level Sapient

Abinyshi are reptilianoid sapients indigenous to the planet Inysh. They are bipedal, slender beings with long, supple limbs, flat faces and forked tails. They developed space travel long ago, approximately at the same time as both the Corellians and the Duros, although their technology was not quite as advanced as the other two races and their colonization was limited to planets near their homeworld.

When the Galactic Empire took over the planet, they strip-mined it for Kalonterium, resulting in a toxic pollution that so devastated the Abinyshi that the Empire chose to cover its backside as the Abinyshi seemed to have gone extinct. Imperial propaganda covered up this devastation by claiming the Abinyshi people wiped themselves out in a catastrophic civil war. However, small numbers did survive in hiding, and some of their kind joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, likely as a way to rebel against the Empire that nearly doomed them to annihilation.

Notable Members[]

  • Si Qurr
  • S'itl Thirr
  • Thi'in Lis