"I may have found a species which is even dumber than humans."
Zim, referring to the Abductors
The Abductors are an alien species.

Physically, they are tall, slender, digitigrade humanoids with arms usually kept in "praying mantis" position. They seem to travel in pairs through the galaxy, abducting members of several other species and performing experiments of them, usually aiming at the creation of some sort of chimera by combining two or more lifeforms into a new one (really more like duck taping the thing together).

Despite their status as a spacefaring technological species, they display signs of tremendous stupidity and lack of common sense. These include: mistaking an Irken for a Human and a Human for a weasel; cloaking their spaceship by making it appear like a floating whale and not realizing that this would probably only serve to gather more attention from the population; using only adhesive tape to create their supposed chimeras; letting practically all their abducted subjects escape; and arguing constantly with each other over frivolous things, namely "fusing" their test subjects to juice.


The Abductors have been featured in many of Jhonen Vasquez's works, most notably in his cartoon series Invader ZIM.

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