General Information
Other Names Anacite
Homeworld Aballon
Height Varies (~6 feet for basic models)
Diet None; solar-powered
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pathfinder Universe

Aballonians, also called anacites, are a mechanical race native to the planet Aballon, left there by the mysterious First Ones. They are capable of modifying themselves, and consequently exhibit an immense variety in shape, size, and function.

Description Edit

Aballonians vary widely in terms of shape, but the most common and basic form is that of a vaguely insectoid robot about the size of a human. In addition to the six limbs it uses for walking, an Aballonian has a number of manipulators positioned elsewhere on its body.

Abilities Edit

Aballonians are made out of an unknown but very strong metal, rendering them resistant to most forms of physical damage. They are able to produce electricity for offensive purposes, either firing it up to 20 feet away or transmitting it by touch. Their most remarkable ability is their self-modification; given sufficient material and time, they can permanently add new features to their own bodies. This has resulted in their astounding diversity of shapes.

Power Source Edit

Aballonians power themselves by absorbing the intense sunlight of their homeworld. They can only operate at their full potential in sunlight, and are immediately weakened upon entering a darkened area.

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