Aatheriexas are a once mighty race of conquerors reduced to wanderers and refugees after the destruction of their home planet. Despite this, they remain dangerous, both individually and as a species.

Description Edit

An aatheriexa's body consists of a fleshy 2-foot core surrounded by dozens of tentacles, each tipped with an eyeball and lined with barbs. These tentacles hang down around it like willow branches, extending its body to a width of about 5 feet. On the underside of the core is a single huge mouth with human-like teeth. The entire mass weighs about 150 pounds.

Abilities Edit

Aatheriexas wield a variety of innate magical abilities, replicating the effects of certain spells. They can manipulate the minds of other creatures, although they can make only infrequent use of outright mind control. They are also able to slow their falls and those of others at will, and can occasionally muster up a bolt of lightning. Their most potent magical ability is the power to teleport between planets; however, they can only do this about once a month. While capable of normal speech, they are able to communicate telepathically at a range of 100 feet.

They also have a number of other dangerous powers. Their mere presence actively repels animals, who will not willingly approach them. They are resistant to non-magical attacks, and are outright immune to cold, poison, and disease. The creatures are capable of survival in space, and thus do not need to breathe. They can also fly, although they must float within 2 feet of a solid or liquid surface to do so. Their tentacles secrete a powerful necrotic toxin, which cause muscle tissue to decay at a touch.

Society Edit

Aatheriexas formerly possessed a conquering empire that made heavy use of slaves, but with the destruction of their homeworld they have lost this empire. They wander the universe in small groups of up to a few dozen. These groups frequently capture slaves, using them as bodyguards or experimental subjects. Aatheriexas are incorrigible sadists, and their slaves can expect vicious torture and abuse.

Notes Edit

  • Aatheriexas first appeared in Pathfinder's Bestiary 5, published in 2015.
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