Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Aar
Diet Lithotroph (Presumed)
Sapience Level Sapient

The Aar'aa are reptilian sapients indigenous to the planet Aar. They are capable of changing their skin color at will to match their surroundings in an act of camouflage. Physically they are tall and muscular organisms with pebbly scales, claws, a thin dorsal ridge, and large faces with thick eye ridges which hang over small, glowing eyes. They are ectothermic and therefore become sluggish in extremely cold temperatures. As they seemed to consider MSE-6 mouse droids somewhat appetizing, it can be readily assumed that they were natural lithotrophs.

The Aar'aa in the Galaxy Edit

Aar'aa are most often associated with the Hutt syndicates, although several were known to serve as guards for the t'landa Til "religious retreat" on Ylesia which was run by the kajidic of the Huttese Besadii clan as well. The t'landa Til Pohtarza was assassinated by an Aar'aa employed by Jabba Desilijic Tiure, as well.

Appearances Edit

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