This is a list of many needed articles, which one may use to help the wiki continue to populate itself with worthwhile information about extraterrestrial species from every universe possible.

A Space Shooter For Free

  • All species seen within the game

A Wrinkle In Time Universe

Actual Universe (Rumored Species)

After Earth Universe

Andromeda Universe

Babylon 5 Universe

Buzz Lightyear Universe

Chaos Field

Creatures Universe

Commander Keen Universe

ConSentiency Universe

Corridor 7 Universe

Crest of the Stars Universe

Cthulhu Mythos

DC Comics Universe

DI-Gata Defenders Universe

Doctor Dolittle Universe

Doctor Who Universe

The Draco Tavern Universe

Dragon Ball Universe

The Dreamstone Universe

Earthbound Universe

Elite Universe

Farscape Universe

Final Space Universe

Flash Gordon Universe

Galactic Civilizations Universe

Gap Cycle Universe

Hainish Cycle Universe

Halo Universe

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Universe

Honor Harrington Universe

Humanx Commonwealth Universe

Invader Zim Universe

Iridion Universe

Isaac's Universe

Journey to the Seventh Planet Universe

Keroro Gunso Universe

Known Space Universe

L.O.L.: Lack of Love

Everything from the game.

Lunar Universe

Marathon Universe

Marvel Comics Universe

Metroid Universe

Monster Buster Club Universe

Monsters vs. Aliens Universe

Ōban Star-Racers Universe

Planetary Series Universe

Pop Secret Universe

Power Rangers Universe

Prey (2017)

Revelation Space Universe

Rick and Morty Universe

Robotech / Macross Universe

Rocheworld Universe

Schlock Mercenary

Sci-Fi Channel (Syfy) Movies

Sector General Universe

SPORE Universe (Maxis Creations Only)

Star Citizen Universe

Star Control Universe

StarCraft Universe

Star Trek Universe

Star Wars Universe

Stargate Universe

Steven Universe Universe

Sym Bionic Titan Universe

Tales of Arcadia Universe

The Chronicles Of Riddick Universe

The Fairly OddParents Universe

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

The Right to Arm Bears

UGSF Series Universe

Ultimate Muscle

Ultraman Universe

Unreal Universe

Uplift Universe

Valérian and Laureline Universe

Warcraft Universe

Way of the Pilgrim

X-COM Universe

The X-Files Universe

Assorted Movies

  • Aliens from Extraterrestrial Visitors
  • Aliens from Eyes Behind the Stars
  • Aliens from The Day Time Ended
  • Aliens from War of the Robots
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