The ADVENT coalition is the government of Earth after the planet is conquered by the Ethereals. ADVENT has full control of Human society and serves as the enforcers of Earth's alien dictators, extensively utilizing propaganda and gene therapy to keep the Human population in line.
ADVENT symbol

The ADVENT symbol

ADVENT Trooper

A standard ADVENT trooper

Advent Troopers Edit

Aside from the various species used by the Ethereals to police Earth during their occupation (Muton, Sectoid, etc) ADVENT contributes towards the occupation with the use of their own military. Initially assumed to be Human volunteers, operatives of the remnants of XCOM discovered that ADVENT soldiers are actually Human/Alien hybrids, mass produced in cloning facilities in which their combat skills and training implanted into their minds and adorned in armour specially designed to hide their non-human features.

Despite the implementation of psionic implants ensuring the Ethereal's total control over them, small numbers of these clones somehow achieved independent thought and rebelled against ADVENT, forming a resistance faction known as the Skirmishers, who specialised in the use of Bullpup submachine guns and grappling hooks. Although they established a brutal rivalry with the Reapers, another faction revelling against ADVENT, XCOM eventually united the two factions into their collective resistance, in which they fought alongside XCOM, the Reapers and the Templars against ADVENT and the Ethereals.

Variants Edit

ADVENT Trooper - Standard ADVENT soldiers, these cloned soldiers are equipped with standard body armour, MAG rifles and grenades.

ADVENT Officer - Identified by their stronger red armour, wider helmets and capes, ADVENT Officers are equipped similarly to standard troopers, but function as field commanders to ADVENT squads.

ADVENT Stun Lancer - ADVENT troopers armed with stun batons and modified with chemically enhanced to strength and stamina, these clones were originally tasked with civilian control. However, they have reportedly become more aggressive after twenty years of the ADVENT occupation, and their stun weapons have proven to be fatal to their targets.

ADVENT Shieldbearer - ADVENT Troopers equipped with heavy white armour, Shieldbearers are tasked with projecting energy shields around other ADVENT infantry, protecting them from enemy fire.

ADVENT Priest - ADVENT Troopers equipped with white armour and pyramid-shaped helmets, ADVENT Priests are unique in that they are capable of using psionic powers in combat. Due to their name and apparent prayer they offer before combat, ADVENT Priests are implied to fulfill a religious role, likely centred around worship of the Ethereals.

ADVENT Purifier - Clad in orange armour and modified to be highly resistant to extreme temperatures, these ADVENT Troopers are armed with flamethrowers and incendiary grenades. Purifiers are often deployed to eliminate high volumes of Lost infestation, and will occasionally explode on death, likely due to rupturing of their weapon's fuel canisters mounted on the armour.

ADVENT MEC - a fully robotic unit, ADVENT MECS are outfitted in highly durable armour and armed with MAG cannons and back-mounted rocket launchers. There also exists a more heavily armoured variant, although both variants are vulnerable to external hacking, potentially deactivating them or even turning them on ADVENT.

ADVENT Heavy Turret - a mounted MAG cannon emplacement, Heavy Turrets are equipped with an target recognition system, enabling them to fire automatically at hostile targets, although they are completely immobile.

ADVENT Dropship - aircraft designed to transport ADVENT forces quickly across significant distances, ADVENT Dropships are apparently unarmed, although their passengers have been seen firing their weaponry from within.

Sectopod - Originally an alien war machine during the initial invasion, ADVENT developed a fully robotic variant. Heavily armoured and armed with a variety of weaponry, an ADVENT Sectopod wou;d typically be expected to turn the tide of any hostile encounter.

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