Alien Species
"They... They come at night... every year when the carnival approaches... They come riding in a bright, shining ball. A whole lot of them come down... And then... They come to the barn..."

The mysterious nameless creatures that are called "They" are a mysterious group of purple, floating, ethereal creatures with brightly glowing yellow eyes that appear at the Romani Ranch on the Night of the First Day to abduct the cows. Link fends off these creatures in his quest to save Termina. Although these beings are never specifically named, Romani refers to them simply as "They", and the Bombers' Notebook refers to them as "Them".

"They" are apparently only weak to bow and arrow attacks, for unknown reasons. However, it appears that their natural weakness is sunlight; at 5:30 a.m of the First Day, "They" all disintegrate into smoke as they are hit by the sun, and the shining light ball in which "They" arrived retreats back to whence it came.

LoZ Them Converge

"They" converge on Romani Ranch.

Annually, "They" converge on Romani Ranch two days before the Carnival of Time, where they then abduct cows into a glowing sphere that can only be assumed to be their vehicle. Despite the abductions every year, Cremia, Romani's older sister, does not believe that "They" are real. For at least one of those years, Romani prepared to defend her cows from "Them", and routinely practices shooting her bow—although this alone would not prove effective enough, she lucked out and Link came to the rescue (though due to the time loop, it may or may not have occurred in the final loop, so whether the cows were actually saved is unknown).

LoZ Them Abduction

"They" abduct cows and Romani.

That night, "They" arrived at 2:30 a.m., moving in waves after descending from a shining sphere. Link and Romani were forced to keep them away from the barn until dawn at all costs; should "They" reach it, "They" would destroy the structure's roof, allowing the bright ball from which they came to use shafts of light to abduct the cows, as well as Romani. During time loop occurrences where "They" were not stopped, Romani would return to the ranch on the Final Day with her memories erased.

Strangely, the speed at which "They" move is directly relative to the speed at which time happens to be flowing; should it be magically slowed down with such spells as the Inverted Song of Time, they too will become slower. Why this occurs is not known, though it can be assumed that it has something to do with their physiology.

With the realm of Termina saved, Romani continued practicing for future attacks, this time with her sister Cremia looking on and applauding.


Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster, which "They" greatly resemble.

  • While the Bomber's Notebook calls "Them" ghosts, their appearance, the way they arrived at the ranch (being beamed down from a glowing orange sphere) and their mission to abduct the cows suggests that they are aliens. The "ship" has the characteristic shaft of light when it abducts them.
  • The orange sphere possibly references one of the first recorded UFO sightings, which involved several bright orange lights in the sky.
  • During the invasion, Romani is inside the barn protecting the cows, and if "They" get to the barn, she is abducted along with the cows. She will reappear the next day, suffering from memory loss.
  • "They" bear an uncanny resemblance to the Flatwoods Monster.