Пришельцы Вики

The Lord Commander (real name: Jack) is an evil overlord of Tera Con Prime Sector 18650 who is motivated by his desire to become a godlike being and rule every dimension in the Multiverse. He's the archenemy of Gary Goodspeed and Avocato.


Little about the Lord Commander's origin, expect that he was once known as Jack, as well was a member of the Infinity Guard and friend to John Goodspeed for 29 years. Until during an antimatter energy blast that collated with the ship, Jack somehow gained dark powers which corrupted him with terrible evil as he than overcame an insane path. Once reborn, Jack who by then called himself the Lord Commander soon build to build an army of his own and plan opening Final Space, a dimension where alien giants known as the Titans roamed but he also became rather ill and is now currently dying, therefore the only way to save himself is capturing a mortal dimensional creature named Mooncake and the Lord Commander vows to stop at nothing to do so.

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