Пришельцы Вики

These unidentified moving vines are hostile vegetation on T'Kani Prime, a world 4.2 million light years from Earth.


T'Kani Prime vines are thick green vines, with white spike-like bumps across their lengths. Most notably, they appear at least somewhat intelligent, and likely carnivorous, able to move on their own like tendrils, grabbing and dragging away prey, even Humans. They are usually large enough to restrain Humans, but can also grow large enough to pull down large spacecraft. It is likely that the vines have a main body, but what it looks like is unknown, and seems to reside underground, as T'Kani Prime vines tend to come out of the ground, even in areas covered in rock, implying that they do not need soil to survive. Since the vines attack living beings and try to drag them underground, they are presumably carnivorous.


At some point in the far future, a Star Command ship, of the Earth-based Galactic Alliance, landed on T'Kani Prime to investigate its potential to be habitable. Three Space Rangers, Captain Buzz Lightyear, Commander Alisha Hawthorne, and new recruit Featheringhamstan, exited the ship to look around the planet, although Buzz disapproved of Featheringhamstan's presence. As they walked away from the ship, especially large T'Kani Prime vines began to wrap around the ship's landing gear, beginning to pull it into the ground, unseen by the Humans, and unnoticed by the crew, who were in stasis. While Buzz was distracted arguing with Alisha over taking rookies on a mission, Featheringhamstan was abducted by a vine, his pleas for help ignored by the other two at first, just before they were attacked by insectoid creatures. As Buzz and Alisha ran back to the ship, Featheringhamstan managed to escape the vines and began crawling to the ship, but another vine grabbed him and wrestled against an insectoid for him. Buzz went to save the recruit, and as both men were pulled underground, Buzz managed to use an energy sword to cut the vines apart, allowing him and Featheringhamstan to get into the ship. Buzz attempted to take off, tearing the vines off of the landing gear, but their grip still caused the landing trajectory to be botched, causing the ship to crash and destroying its hyperspace crystal.

Now marooned, the Humans aboard established a colony on T'Kani Prime, as its atmosphere was habitable to Humans, but vines continued to attack them. While the Humans could defend themselves against the insectoids with electrified fences, for the first year, they were unable to stop the vines from breaching the colony's perimeter, forced to just destroy them whenever they popped up. When Buzz prepared to test an experimental artificially synthesized hyperspace crystal, he was attacked by a vine, which dragged him off before it was severed by a Star Command officer, and shortly afterwards, the chief deck officer, Diaz, was also dragged away by a vine while he cheered Lightyear on. However, nearly a century later, the Humans appeared to have found a way to stop the vines, the anti-vine defense system presumably built into the colony's laser shield, which held off the insectoids.


  • «Базз Лайтер» (2022)

Интересные факты[]

  • Поскольку Т'Кани Прайм находится на расстоянии 4,2 миллиона световых лет от Земли, вполне возможно, что он расположен либо в галактике Андромеда XVIII, либо в карликовой галактике в Насосе.